Silver Marches

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Welcome to the Silver Marches!

This is a land like no other in Faerûn. Home to a diverse population of folk dedicated to carving prosperity and order from the forbidding wilderness, the area remains a little-explored and largely unconquered territory inhabited by war-hungry orc hordes, hostile giants, and an array of bloodthirsty monsters.

The inhabitants of this northern land share their territory with dangers that lurk in every forest, alpine valley, and mountain passes. Folk who leave the shelter of the city walls must go armed and go carefully, lest they fall victim to one of the many horrors waiting to claim its next victim. And hanging over every tavern meal and every merchant’s bargain is the unspoken fear that this might be the day that King Obould Many-Arrows or some other great orc chief decides to hurl his army of warriors out of the mountains against the cities and homesteads of the Marches.

Feral savages and prowling monsters are not the only perils of this land. Ice and snow and howling winds cold enough to freeze the marrow of a red dragon’s bones wait to claim the lives of the unprepared or unwary. In the foothills of the Nether Mountains, a pleasant spring day can become a raging blizzard in the blink of an eye, while strength-sapping frosts can settle over the depths of the Moonwood overnight. The weather is often a traveler’s worst enemy in these northerly lands, and those who fail to give nature the respect that is her due soon find themselves at her mercy.

As if these dangers were not sufficient, the Silver Marches is under daily threat from foes that its citizens cannot easily see. Minions of evil organizations such as the Arcane Brotherhood, the People of the Black Blood, and the Church of Shar have wormed their way into the very heart of the confederation’s greatest cities. These spies seek to bring about the downfall of the Silver Marches for reasons that they do not share with outsiders. Some merely desire conquest and power, while others have age-old grudges to settle with the new Speaker of the Marches, the High Lady Alustriel herself. Travelers must exercise due caution, for they cannot know whether the jovial merchant they’ve just met is what he seems, or an agent for a ruthless power intent on bringing down what the defense pact has wrought.

Yet despite all these dangers, there is still hope that the Silver Marches may one day be free from the host of dangers that beset the land. The civilized inhabitants of this land are determined to fight for their survival, and the continuation of their dream, despite the odds stacked against them. Many are committed to making the Silver Marches a haven for like-minded folk, and have dedicated themselves to preserving what they have already achieved.

To this end, Lady Alustriel strives to ensure that the leaders of the confederation maintain their focus on re solving its mutual problems and concerns. Meanwhile her allies strive to deal with the most pressing dangers arrayed against the cities, combing the wilderness for clues and hints to King Obould’s intentions and other, unseen threats lurking in the wilds. The power of the dwarfholds grows steadily, and their kings are well aware of the orc threat poised to sweep down upon them.

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